Updated 09/18/2017

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47th Annual Governor's Cup Winner 2016

March Meet Winner 2011

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Kevin Sarginson win's CIFCA race at Sacramento Raceway's

47th Annual Governor's Cup.

By Greg Means

Day 1..

Kevin Sarginson floored me when he asked me to come out and crew chief his beautiful 65 Mustang CIFCA car for the Governor's Cup @ Sacramento.

After throwing the first pass away to a mal adjusted rev limiter, we towed up for pass two. I knew i was on the safe side, but there were to many variables on his combo that i didn't know. Car went 8.03/169 shootin ducks about 1/2 track out.

When we towed back i pulled the main, and wedged in the main was a piece of crap. well, if it's there, it's everywhere. We pulled the entire fuel system apart. 3 plugged nozzles, a plugged main, and a failed fuel filter. The 'crap' was the epoxy from the end cap on the stainless filter element.

We got real lucky that it plugged the main as well as a few nozzles. I judged the air, and the tune up, made a call on the main, and we towed up for the last TnT pass of the day. 7.485 on a 7.500 index. He did roll in a little deep, probably an honest 7.45. First time the car has ran right in 6 months.

Now we have a hotrod to win with tomorrow. We should get two qualifiers. shooting for a 52 :) let's see how close we come.
I'm honored Kevin trusts me with his car, thanks bud.

Day 2..

Kevin qualified #2 and defeated Jim Currie, Bobby Sanguino, and Darrin Hamby (in the final) for the bucks and the cup.

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