A Message from the crew of Kevin Sarginson Racing...

Kevin Sarginson, offers a unique opportunity to access both the fans and the talented teams that are the heart and soul of nostalgia drag racing.

By sponsoring Kevin Sarginson Racing, you also enjoy the benefits of Kevin as your team partner. As a spokesman for your products and services, Kevin provides a direct link to racers and fans looking for the parts and services to fulfill their needs.

Kevin brings with him more than a decade worth of experience in drag racing, giving you a unique opportunity to bring your message directly to any given event and providing a captive audience.

With more than a decade of participation in dragracing under the current team name, Kevin Sarginson Racing remains a crowd favorite. These are loyal fans who will show their support by doing business with you. This packet contains additional facts and figures on Kevin Sarginson Racing, as well as the type of crowds the team reaches within its circuit.

We encourage you to take a few minutes to review this information so that
you can see for yourself the benefits of a partnership with our team.
Thank you for your time. We welcome you along with us for the ride!

Kevin Sarginson Racing team...




Sponsoring Kevin Sarginson Racing gives your company or organization access to the market you most want to reach.

By partnering with us you can expect to:

Gain optimum exposure for your line of products to a very targeted group of
consumers. We will:

Benefit from unique opportunities that only Kevin Sarginson Racing can offer that do not come with other team sponsorships including:

Feel confident that a licensed racing veteran is at the wheel, with more than a decade of experience in racing.



Kevin Sarginson Racing participates in drag racing events sponsored by National Hot Rod Association, WCTA, and ANRA Vintage Racing Association, Our fan base is composed of prime consumers for your product:



We can arrange a sponsorship at a level to fit your budget and accommodate your needs. By participation at major racing events, we can ensure your company name and logo take front and center.

Your company can gain valuable product exposure through placing your logo/signage onto: